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  1. I have one of Creative Christie’s buckwheat, lavender filled pillows that I and my husband use for various aches and pains. It is not only a beautiful pillow, but quite functional, practical and easy to use. The cover is completely washable. The inside, containing the buckwheat and lavender just needs to go into the microwave for just a short time or freezer and voila it is ready to ease the pain which has been quite effective in our case. It is wonderful to have a product that is a natural pain soother, and is so aesthetically pleasing!

    1. What a wonderful experience it has been; from selecting my fabric to receiving and enjoying the heavenly scent of lavender while the warm pillow melts away my aches and pains! Thank you Christine!!

    2. `I agree, I used to have to take tramadol just to get some sleep because of the knee pain, now I just use my pillow on top of my knees and it eases the pain long enough for me to fall asleep.

  2. I bought two boo boo pillows for my two grandchildren. Creative Christie was able to personalize these pillows to fit the children’s interests, making it even more pleasing. Being that both children sustain a fair number of boo boos ( both are quite active) these boo boo pillows are the perfect antidote. The best part is that they are made to promote healing in a gentle manner and so of course the children want to use them. These boo boo pillows make wonderful presents, are fun for the children and are very reasonably priced. I will certainly buy more of them.

  3. I purchased a lavender filled pillow for my husband for Father’s Day. He loves it and it has helped with his stiff back. It is also good to use as a cool pack after putting in the freezer. Very good for aches and pains.

  4. I love my buckwheat back/neck pillow. I use it to cushion my neck every night. I got a cover with butterflies on it, just as I requested.

  5. My grandniece loved the bye bye boo boo pillow with its beautiful pink cover, just made for little girls. Her parents appreciate very much the gift that I purchased from Creative Christie.

  6. I love my new buckwheat pillow. It is so much easier to use as a heating pad for my bad back than traditional heating pads that you have to plug in. Even though I only heated it up in the microwave for one minute, the buckwheat held the heat and provided a half hour of soothing, warm relief for my strained back.

  7. I LOVE the Bye Bye Boo Boo Pillows. I bought two for my sons, they use them all the time. It not only makes the boo boo feel better but it also comforts them at the same time. The boys ask for them even when they don’t need them. Bye Bye Boo Boo Pillows are a great product!

  8. I purchased a neck/back buckwheat pillow for a dear friend and couldn’t have been more satisfied. When I received the pillow it looked just as I expected and I hadn’t felt so excited to give a gift since I was a kid! My friend loved the pillow and thought the cover was just beautiful. I am so happy to have found this special website and will most definitely be purchasing a pillow for myself.

  9. I have a sinus pillow from Creative Christie, it’s the best! It makes me feel sooo good! Whenever I start sneezing, or my nose gets stuffy. I warm it up in the microwave and lay down with the pillow on my face for about 15 mins. The smell calms me and relaxes me, and I feel all clear! I really love the smell of the herbs. I’m also going to keep it with me when I travel. I hate the air from the plane, just smelling the herbs will make me feel better. Go and pick one out! There are so many amazing designs, really beautiful to look at!

  10. I bought two congestions pillows for my two sons, its almost that time of the year when the sinus and congestion will be bothering them. Christine, the creator of Creative Christie, put so much effort and energy into making sure that they get exactly what they will love, in terms of the cover designs, just love the details of each, different but so beautiful. They love them and sleep so well after using them, THEY CAN BREATHE! Thanks to Creative Christie, no more congestion medication. Oh the herbs smell so gooooood……

    Keep making us feel better!

  11. I bought one of Creative Christie’s adult pillows as a gift for a friend and she loved it. It is a great feature to be able to remove the cover to wash it, and the designs and colors are unique and beautiful. I almost wanted to keep the pillow for myself. I guess I will just have to treat myself to one! These are a great price for the quality. I have seen similar pillows in boutiques for DOUBLE the price!

  12. Testimonial from R. Mace,
    There was a time not long ago when I had despaired of ever finding an effective treatment for my aching, sore neck and upper spinal region. Medical doctors had x-rayed my back and found, “severe compression of the 2-3 and 5-6 vertebrae,” for which they prescribed just three options: 1) Learn to live with your condition, 2) Spinal Fusion Surgery, or 3) Submit to a computer-guided spinal injection every 3-6 months, a treatment that will leave you without any feeling in the affected area. As an avid amateur chamber musician (piano, clarinet and recorders) I found none of the 3 treatments palatable. The pain and aching were affecting my stamina and concentration during instrument practice. What was I to do to remedy the situation?
    And then one day, my wife suggested I try applying damp heat to the area. I had tried using a damp towel on my tennis knees years ago but that didn’t work out. Now, however, there was a new way of applying the heat. Enter Creative Christie’s custom-made, Buck-Wheat User Molded Soft Tissue “Relaxer”! Her special grain-padded pillows are heated in your kitchen, i.e., the microwave oven for approximately 2-3 minutes, after which you apply them directly to the area of soreness for a period of 20-40 minutes and voile! A condition that had seemed impervious to improvement has undergone a transformation. Discomfort is reduced to a minimum. I have been using Creative Christie’s buckwheat pillow, which I call the “Relaxer”, after every practice session for over a month and have found that I can more than double my exertion time with much improved mental focus and increased learning capability. I have found the solution for minimizing a chronic disability at the cost of the cab ride to my orthopedist! I recommend the “Relaxer” to any and all who have similar back problems.

  13. I have one of Creative Christie’s pillows, it helps me a lot with my neck and back pain. It’s easy to use, I just put it in the microwave for 2 minutes to warm it up before I use it. It has a very fancy cover that she designed and sewed just for me! I love it and highly recommend them, and the price was very reasonable too!

  14. I recently have been suffering from both serious stomach issues as well as back problems. I initially purchased a pillow when I had neck surgery but when the stomach issues became more pressing I purchased an additional larger pillow that I now use when I get serious cramps. It is so soothing and the heat lasts at least 45 minutes. Just enough time to give me comfort. In addition I have used a pillow for my back to get relief, and I get relief!

  15. The buckwheat and lavender pillow I just purchased is lovely. After a short “warm-up” in the microwave, I enjoyed a very soothing and relaxing experience. The pillow is well-made, reasonably priced, and a great investment.

  16. I purchased my first buckwheat pillow from my acupuncturist when she was treating me for a painful wrist/hand due to a fall. Over the years I continued to use the pillow for its therapeutic moist heat for other achy body parts. When it caught on fire in the microwave a week ago, I felt like I had lost a good friend. I found Christine’s website through an internet search and ordered a replacement pillow. Much care and attention to detail has gone into the construction of the pillow and the lovely fabric that covers it. It has already proven to be a good companion the last three mornings for my lower back, shoulder and knee.

  17. I wanted to let you know how much your buckwheat pillow has helped me. In November I became really ill with joint pain in my hips and knees. Then I woke up one morning and couldn’t move my right arm without excruciating pain. Somehow the rotator cuff had torn or been damaged in some way. I used the pillow constantly-indeed I would not have been able to get to sleep or move in the morning without it.

    I’m definitely on the mend with massage therapy and acupuncture but it was and is the healing and heating power of the buckwheat pillow that allows me to start my day, get my stretching in and get around without pain. Thank you for the pillow and your good vibes.

  18. I was looking for an odd sized pillow so I emailed Christine, she was so nice and easy to work with. She made me the exact pillow I was looking for and I love it. When I heat it up it feels so wonderful on my low back. Highly recommend her, what a joy.

  19. I am 63 years old and have a multitude of aches and pains. I have arthritic knees and an arthritic neck. I have unexplained muscle spasms in my back and shoulders. I also have fibromyalgia. While none of these are life threatening at times it leaves me immobile. I received my custom made Buckwheat pillow approx. 3 weeks ago and it has not left my side except to be rejuvenated in either the freezer or the microwave. My pillow has a classic country motif on one side and wildly colorful running horses on the other side which reflects both of my personalities (one when I am feeling serene and one when I am feeling frisky). I can’t stop looking at this cover, it is so well made and professionally stitched. It is truly a work of art and also one of love. I highly recommend these therapeutic pillows. Everyone should have one in their home.

  20. I ordered a buckwheat pillow from Christine a while back. It is a great pillow and works well. Lately I have been having some issues with my wrist and hand due to a car accident. This pillow is too large for this area. I contacted Christine to see if she could do a smaller version. After communicating back and forth re size etc. Christine made me a flaxseed pillow. It arrived yesterday. I used it last night and went right to sleep with it on my wrist. It is going to get a lot of use. It is pretty and has the removable cover like my larger one. I love it! Christine puts a lot of effort in to making these pillows for her customers. I highly recommend that if you are thinking of buying one buy from her. She is the best! Thanks again Christine!

  21. Christine’s flaxseed pillow is the best I ever had. It helps my back. I use it even at night, when I am sleeping. It is truly a quality product.
    Thank you,Christine

  22. I received my pillow the other day, and it is so well-made. The smell is amazing. Most importantly, it does the job for my lower back, providing heat to relax the tight muscles. Highly recommended!

  23. Thanks Christine! I love the pillow and the thought and spirit that went into it. I used it after a very long and stressful day. You took the time to find out that I would be using the pillow as an eye pillow and to heal my injured hip and you advised me on the correct size I would need for both. It worked great! I used the pillow the first day I recieved it and loved it! i was pleasantly surprised how long the heat held in the pillow. I heated it in the microwave as you recommended in your written instructions and I was able to use the pillow on my eyes as well as on my hip with no trip back to the microwave. Beautiful! I’m sorry I have to go now because i want to use the pillow before bed! Great work!

  24. Hi Christine, just letting you know that I love my big pillow! The 6 divided spaces keep the flax seed where they need to be. The linen material is strong and beautiful. The size is perfect.
    And the cat pillow is also lovely! It was for my better half and he is enjoying it.
    Thanks again for making the custom pillow for me. It is heating my back as I write!

  25. I purchased from overseas a beautiful green Japanese print flaxseed pillow for my sister in New York. Christie sent it off in a beautifully-wrapped package that arrived in no time at all, with a hand-written note that my sister thought had been written by me, as Christie’s handwriting resembles mine… My sister is thrilled with the pillow and tried it out last night.
    Thank you, Christie, for your warm emails and the simplicity and utility of your designs!

  26. Christie makes wonderful products. I own at least eight of her buckwheat and flax pillows and use them as heating pads. I use them everyday and they help me fall asleep each night as they ease my neck and shoulder aches. The fabric patterns are beautiful and fun. The buckwheat pillows with sections fit perfectly around the back of my neck. I highly recommend Christie and her pillows.

  27. Christie worked with me closely to customize a buckwheat/flaxseed pillow to meet my needs. She was highly cooperative and communicative and created for me an ideal pillow that I’m now using almost every night on my neck and shoulder. I love the fabric and weight of it and the way its penetrating heat lulls me to sleep and eases stiffness and fatigue. I appreciate its careful construction and Christie’s attention to detail. Even after my purchase, she has punctually responded to emails with questions I had. I recommend her business unequivocally.

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