FLAXSEED EYE & FACE PILLOWS – Unscented or Infused with Organic Herbs

Why not treat yourself to a beautiful, handmade Creative Christie flaxseed pillow today? Creative Christie eye pillows are wider and longer than most eye pillows sold online. They can be used for cold or heat therapy. Cool and place over the eyes to ease eye strain or tension, or gently heat and place on your face for a relaxing massage.
Encased in cotton muslin, these eye pillows contain approximately 9 oz. of flaxseeds and 4 oz. of organic herbs. (About 10 oz.of flaxseed if unscented). Flaxseeds have a high oil content which retains temperature well, and are anti-inflammatory. Heat the pillow gently in the microwave in 15 second intervals until desired temperature. Cool it in the freezer, in a ziplock bag, for over an hour. To refresh the scent, simply squish the herbs to release their natural oil or add a few drops of essential oil to the inner pillow.(I recommend using cold or at room temperature.)

The unique eye pillow covers are made from 100% designer cotton or cotton/linen, and they are removable for easy washing.
The cost for each eye pillow is $14.95 + shipping, unless otherwise indicated.
All Creative Christie pillows are designed and sewn in a smoke free, pet friendly environment.

Creative Christie natural eye pillows have a variety of weights which range from light (6 oz.- to weighted-11 oz.+). They range in size from
5″ x 9″ to 5″ x 10 1/4″. Because each eye pillow is created individually, the weight and size may differ.
Size, weight, and scent are indicated under each pillow.

Unscented or organic herbs (organic lavender or organic peppermint leaves), are indicated in the listing. If you prefer an aromatherapy pillow listed to be unscented, or an unscented pillow to include an organic herb, please email me or fill out the contact form. Thank you!


Lavender is aromatic and calming.
Peppermint gives soothing relief from sinus aches, headache, or tension. Breathe into it to relieve congestion from chest colds.

If you purchase two eye pillows going to the same address, I will refund part of the shipping costs for the two pillows in cash.
If you have any questions, please email or fill out the contact form.
Thank you! Happy shopping!

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