Multi-Purpose Buckwheat Pillows for Adults, Seniors, and Teens
Great for Knees, Back, Neck, Shoulders, Abdomen, Anywhere Pain!
Natural pain reliever and sleep aid.
Lined with cotton muslin or repurposed cotton.
Whole buckwheat seeds.



ROSES is a multi-purpose story pillow.
Here’s my story, what’s yours?
“My Grandmother immigrated to New York from Norway, in the early 1900s. She came through Ellis Island, Bestemor would visit us at our home in Brooklyn and then on Long Island. She told me stories of trolls and Christmas elves, in Norwegian. She walked with me, in our garden, holding my little hand. Bestemor liked to stop at the pink roses, and smell them. I did too. The roses were beautifully shaped, especially the buds, and she taught me how to hold a rose without getting pricked by a thorn. When I made this pillow, my Grandmother was right beside me.” ©Creative Christie 2021
6″ x 15″
Organic Lavender
Rose Petals & Buds
AFRICAN VILLAGE is a multi-purpose story pillow.
Here’s my story, what’s yours?
“My father was a Norwegian merchant marine during WWII. He used to tell me stories of his voyages to Africa as a young man. I was fascinated. Since then, whenever I look at African fabric, my imagination takes me inside the cloth, and to the stories woven through the fibers. The colors, the patterns, and the representations are foreign to my culture, and so attractive too.” ©Creative Christie 2021
African village front African village back
front and back views
6 1/4″ x 14 3/4″
Multi-Purpose Buckwheat Pillows