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Microwave Neck Pillows: Buckwheat-Rice-Flaxseed for Adults, Seniors, Teens- Heat or Freeze

Buckwheat-Rice pillows are simple in design, but wonderfully effective natural heating pads or cold packs. Narrow and long, they will bring soothing relief to your neck, shoulder, back, hip, abdomen, knee, foot, hand, just about any body part!

The pillow covers are made from 100% cotton fabrics, that are simply pieced together, using two-three different fabrics. Each pillow is unique. The covers are removable for washing. The inner buckwheat-rice pillow is not washable.

The inside pillow is encased in muslin, and can be divided into three or six sections for flexibility. Unless indicated, the inner muslin pillows are split, in that the pillow is sewn, partially down the middle. The seam is double stitched. The inside seeds and rice will naturally fall to either end of the pillow. You can manipulate the buckwheat, flaxseeds, and rice by moving the pillow to the position you want. The weight of the pillow brings extra comfort to the hurt area. The inner pillows contain whole buckwheat seeds, flaxseeds, and long grain rice. Unscented or choose an herb: organic lavender flowers, pine, rosemary, rosemary + lavender, sage, peppermint, chamomile, lemongrass, or eucalyptus. PLEASE CONTACT ME (email or text) IF YOU WANT AN HERB IN YOUR PILLOW IF NOT INDICATED, OR IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR PILLOW UNSCENTED. Thank you!

Buckwheat seeds contain rutin, a natural anti-inflammatory.
Flaxseeds are also anti-inflammatory and retain heat and cold well.
When heated, rice gives off moist heat.
Lavender is a natural, calming aromatic herb.
Peppermint has a cool, minty, fresh sweet scent that is refreshing and stimulating. Is good for inflammation and headaches.
Pine needles is considered an analgesic and is therefore a good remedy for people suffering from joint pain, arthritis, and rheumatic conditions. Besides being an analgesic, it is also an anti-inflammatory agent.

If the pillow you wish to purchase is not in the menu for “add to cart”, please select a pillow with a different name (same price), and send me an email or text with the name of the pillow you wish to purchase. I apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you!
creativechristie17@gmail.com or 9177679320
For everyone:




5″ x 21″
Organic Lavender
Peter Pan

Lovely and effective. Don’t the petals look like a Peter Pan collar?
5″ x 21″
Unscented or choose
an herb

5″ x 20″
Glitter in the fabric
Unscented or choose
an herb
5″ x 21″
Unscented or choose
an herb

For Women, Men, Seniors, Teens