Creative Christie’s face masks are two layered: A fun or interesting print on the outside, and the layer close to the face is cotton flannel in the cooler months or cotton muslin for the summer. The masks have pleats, and expand. The elastic goes around your ears to keep the mask in place.

Faces are not the same, so it’s hard to get a perfect fit! If the elastic is too tight, stretch it! It will loosen up in time.

Each mask is double sewn- first a straight stitch, and then sewn over with a decorative stitch.
This helps fit the mask to your face.

Custom masks can be made. You can have a solid color as well. If I have the fabric, you are in luck! Choose the number of the fabric from the fabric choices. For more than one of the same mask, choose the same fabric again and again, depending on how many you want of that fabric. (The masks, unlike my other products, are duplicated.)

OTHER choice could also include American flags, other dog or cat fabric, bunnies, floral, related to the sea, solid color you’d like, etc.  I have lots of fabric! Please text me or send me an email. Communication is key! Trust me to make you a delightful mask!
I also make matching “family” masks and matching adult/child masks, depending on my fabric supply.

If you purchased a Creative Christie face mask at the Long Island Welcome Center and want more of the same pattern. Please send me an email with a short description or photo of the mask you want made.  Fabric supplies are limited. I’ll do my best to accommodate you! Thanks.

Each mask costs $10., free shipping. It got so complicated as to how to list the masks, because I make them all different. So I’m inviting you to select the masks by name or fabric choice #. Any problems? Please contact me!
FMA= Face Mask Adult
FMC= Face Mask Child

(For free shipping, do not put your zip code in when at PayPal checkout.)

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Fabric Choices by Number-FMA
Fabric Choices by Number- FMC
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FMC Fabric Choices

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