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Hello, I’m Creative Christie, and I’d like to tell you how I got started making my unique, soothing, therapeutic buckwheat pillows for
adults and children!
In 1992, I received a buckwheat pillow from one of the parents of a child I was teaching.  It was a plain muslin pillow which worked magic on my, at the time, arthritic joints. I got this idea to help others also get natural relief from their aches and pains by making my own buckwheat pillows. I love cotton fabric!Fabric is my palette. I learned to sew traditional quilt patterns, and piece together different fabrics, using these quilt patterns, variations of them, and to create my own designs. I rarely, almost never, make the same pillow twice. The 100% cotton pillow covers for the Neck/Back, Story Pillows/MultiPurpose, and Bye Bye Boo Boo pillows are lined with cotton muslin or repurposed cotton. All of the 100% cotton pillow covers are removable for easy washing. The inner buckwheat pillows, made from cotton muslin, are not washable. The adult pillows may contain herbs, such as organic lavender, sage, pine, peppermint, chamomile or other herbs. Not everyone likes scented pillows, so I make them without scent too!
Each Creative Christie pillow is unique, one-of-a-kind, and each pillow is manufactured by me, alone.
My goal is that my buckwheat pillows will give you relief from physical pain, and soothe your spirit at the same time!

I love to sew!

My products:

Neck and Back buckwheat pillows (the inner whole seed buckwheat neck/back pillows are divided into sections (2, 3, 4, or 6) for comfort and even distribution of buckwheat.)
Multi-Purpose pillows (for knees, legs, arms, shoulders, for cramps, etc.);
Buckwheat-Rice-Flaxseed (Microwave Neck/Pet)pillows bring relief to aching joints in humans and pets. (Great for necks, shoulders, hips, backs.) They are not lined with cotton.The inner pillow is divided into 3 or 6 sections. Sections are indicated.
Buckwheat Heating Pads are filled with buckwheat seeds, flaxseeds, and rice. The inner pillow is not divided into section, nor are they lined. The buckwheat-flaxseed-rice moves freely about, as does my Multi-Purpose pillows.
Bye Bye Boo Boo pillows to help children feel better when they get bumps. bruises or have aching muscles. Buckwheat and flax seeds.
 Travel pillows: On-the-Go, to take to work for a quick fix! Contain buckwheat seeds, flaxseeds, and herbs where indicated.

You can display one of Creative Christie’s buckwheat pillows on your bed or sofa, as I create them to be attractive as well as therapeutic!

Pillows can be custom made, by design, color, and/or theme.

Please check back often, as the photo pages are often updated as I create new pillows!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!
Thanks for browsing!