The Magic of the Pillows

©2019 Creative Christie


My buckwheat pillows are made to bring you relief from aches and pain, discomfort, tension, and stress. They are truly magical!

Microwave your pillow for heat therapy, or put it in the freezer for cold therapy (a natural heating pad or ice pack). The inner buckwheat pillow is made from cotton muslin, and contains whole buckwheat seeds and flaxseeds. (You can request herbs if they are not indicated in the pillow description). Whole buckwheat seeds and flaxseeds retain heat and cold for up to 30 minutes, and can be reheated again and again. (Some of the pillows also contain rice, for moist heat).

Put your pillow around or on the neck, foot, it can hang down over the shoulder, lay it across your back and spine, safely lean into it, and the list goes on.

Creative Christie is not responsible for allergies and/or reactions to the herbs or other contents in the pillows.


Heat therapy:  To heat, remove the inside  pillow from its cover if there are metallic fibers in the fabric, and put it in the microwave for the following intervals. Or, wrap the pillow in a dishcloth and place in the microwave. Removing the cover is not necessary otherwise.

MICROWAVE @ one minute intervals until desired temperature. Do not exceed 3 minutes at one sitting.

For cold therapy, you can keep the  pillow in its cover, and place in the freezer for two hours or more.  Overnight is best. Put the pillow in the  plastic bag provided, or wrap it in a towel before placing it in the freezer.


©Creative Christie 2019